Service Point




HMIS Database System

Are all those monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, requiring statistics that must be compiled, getting you down?

Do you or your Board or Funders want to know the progress of your program or clients; how many did you serve last month, last year; or how many live in a certain zip code, geographic area; how many females, heads of household, children or homeless did your program serve?

Would you like to know if that person (s) you are about to assist had received that same help from another agency or organization recently?

If some or all of these questions affect your program(s), then you need to be on Service Point and become a part of an ever growing community of service providers networking together for a more efficient service delivery system.

ServicePoint Can Help You:

Stop duplication of services! You will know who is getting services elsewhere. Save your dollars for people who truly need them!

Form alliances with other providers to better integrate your services.

Keep track of your client’s/customer’s goals and the progress made by them. See what other services they are receiving and make referral to needed services!

Shelters can keep track of beds and bed stays. Pull a report on your shelter situation in a couple of minutes!

Quickly make a report for your staff, Board and Funders with statistics that have accumulated over any period of time.

Keep current information on all people you serve from agency to agency and avoid having to make multiple phone calls!

To date the Chattanooga Homeless Coalition has over 130 providers and or agencies and programs on the Service Point HMIS database system. For more information on how you can get connected locally please contact Victoria Freeman at 423-710-1501 or email her at or you can visit the software developer’s site at