What is Homelessness?

Definition of Homelessness

  • Living in a place not meant for human habitation. This means: Streets, cars, abandoned buildings, parks, bus station, etc…
  • Living in an emergency shelter, safe haven, or transitional housing program for homeless individuals/families
  • Living in any of these above places, but is in a hospital, jail, mental health institution short-term (30 days or less)with no permanent residence outside of that institution
  • Evicted within a week from private dwelling or discharged within a week from an institution where they stayed long-term (31 days or more).. and housing is not provided as part of discharge planning…and no subsequent residence has been identified, and no resources and support networks to obtain housing.FACE OF MATURITY

Definition of Chronically Homeless

  • Persons who have been continually homeless forĀ 12 months or longer
  • Persons who have been homeless 4 or more timesĀ during the last 3 years, and the cumulative total of of those episodes of homelessness is at least 12 months